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VisaExpress provides visa services and is not affiliated with the Consulate General of India.To apply for a visa in person you will be required to make an appointment. Consulate of India offers visa service at a lower cost than VisaExpress.                       We complete the required documents on customer's behalf and waiting in the long lines for the government approval.We work on your behalf directly with each embassy or consulate assisting you in expediting your papers. We provide you with a prompt, friendly and professional service and assist you through each step of Visa application process to make it simple and worry-free.

Apply for Thailand Visa 


 Thai Visa Application Form & Requirements of Royal Thai Consulate in Toronto 

Canadians  are require to obtain Tourist visa before travelling if they stay in Thailand more than 30 days

  • Thailand Visa Application  form (filled out and signed).
  • One recent Passport sized Colored photo (5 cm x 7 cm).
  • Passport (signed and valid at least for 190 days with 2 blank visa pages).
  • Proof of Legal Status in Canada for Non-Canadian applicants (PR Card, Work Permit, etc.).
  • For Tourist Visa -copy of flight booking. Canadian Passport-holders are not required to obtain a visa before traveling to Thailand as long as the purpose of the trip is tourism and the traveler's stay in Thailand is 30 days or less. They must have a valid passport (with at least 6 months validity and empty pages), air tickets confirming the 30 days-or-less stay in Thailand and at least $200 per person.
  • For Business Visa – a letter from the applicant’s company and an invitation letter from Thailand indicating the nature of applicant’s business, probable duration of stay, the places and firms to be visited. The letter should also state that the sending company takes financial responsibility for the applicant while in Thailand. 
  • For Work Visa– Copy of the Employment Contract, a letter from the applicant’s company and an invitation letter from Thailand  Company. Copy of educational records and letters of recommendations might be required. Copy of Work Permit issued by the Ministry of labour if the applicant has previously worked in Thailand.
  • For Document Legalization- Notarized documents; a company cover letter requesting the service for corporate document legalization.
  • Client Order Form. Payments can be made by cash, money order or certified cheque. Prices do not include 13% HST.


    Visa Category

    2 days /Processing time

    Tourist Single-entry - 90 days/60 day stay


    Tourist Double-entry - 180 days/60 day stay


    Tourist Multiple-entry - 180 days/60 day stay


    Business/Work Single-entry - 3 months/90 day stay


    Business/Work Double-entry - 6 months/ 90 day stay


    Business/Work Multiple-entry - 1 year/ 90 day stay


    Document Authentication


    Document Legalization /Personal

    Document Legalization / Corporate



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