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VisaExpress provides visa services and is not affiliated with the Embassy of Belarus.To apply for a visa in person you will be required to make an appointment. Embassy of Belarus offers visa service at a lower cost than VisaExpress.                        We complete the required documents on customer's behalf and waiting in the long lines for the government approval. We work on your behalf directly with each embassy or consulate assisting you in expediting your papers. We provide you with a prompt, friendly and professional service and assist you through each step of Visa application process to make it simple and worry-free.

Apply for Belarus Visa 


Belarus Visa Application Form and Requirements of the Embassy of Belarus 

    • Passport (signed and valid at least for 3 months with 2 blank visa pages).

    • Belarus Visa Application Form. The form should bear the original signature of applicant and must be well readable. Please, fill out in block letters. 

    • One recent Colored Passport size photo stapled to the marked place of the application form.
    • Medical insurance for the time staying in Belarus with the full name of the applicant, minimum limit of responsibility is 10,00 Euro. (We can make an Insurance for $70-$80).

    • For Non-Canadian applicants - Proof of Legal Status in Canada (PR Card, Work Permit, etc.)

    • If you formerly had USSR or Belorussian citizenship, please submit the documents proving the loss of USSR/Belarusian citizenship.

    • For children under 18 years of age, a copy of child's birth certificate and copies of parents’ passport main information pages (with passport number, expiration date, photo etc.) have to be submitted.

    • For Tourist visa- An original or a copy of a letter of invitation from a Belorussian travel agency - Tourist Invitation Form. Hosting organization should be registered as a tourist company by the Belorussian authorities.

    • For Visitor’s visa/ Private visit - Citizens of the US, Canada, European Union states and some other countries, who apply for a private visa to the Republic of Belarus valid through 30 days or less do not need to provide any letters of invitation. Still, the inviting person's first and last names and home address must be indicated in the visa application form. For a Visitor's Long Term Multiple Visa/ Private Visit - An original (not a copy) invitation. Your relatives or friends should obtain invitation (“zaprashenne”) for you at the local Citizenship and Migration Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and send it to you.

    • For Transit visa - A visa or a copy for the country you are traveling from/to via Belarus. In case of traveling to countries with no entry visa requirements - copy of the ticket,  itinerary from your travel agency or any other document confirming your trip to the appropriate country (term of validity must comply with term of stay in destination country; period of stay is no more than 48 hours).

    • For Business visaAn original or a copy of a letter of invitation from a company in Belarus, which is registered as a legal entity by the Belorussian authorities - Business Invitation Form/Shirt Term. A letter of invitation should be printed on the official letterhead with a registration number, date of issue, and should bear the signature of an official and a corporate seal. It should also indicate the expected duration of the applicant's stay in Belarus. An inviting party must provide written guarantees that an invitee will abide by the rules and regulations applied to foreign citizens in the Republic of Belarus. For Multiple-entry Long-term  Business visa - an original letter of invitation from an agency, company or organization in the Republic of Belarus, which is registered as a legal entity by the Belorussian authorities - Business Invitation Form/Long Term;  a copy of the contract concluded between partners; notarized copy of an extract confirming the registration of Belorussian agency, company or organization as a legal entity (Vypiska iz reestra yuridicheskih lits Ministersta Yustitsii).

  • Client Order Form. Payments can be made by cash, money order or certified cheque. Prices do not include 13% HST.

After arriving to Belarus please report in 3 business days the information about the address and duration of your stay to the local Citizenship and Migration Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and have registration put in the holder’s passport. If staying in a hotel, this will be arranged by the hotel services (reception bureau).


Visa Category

5-7 days/ 

processing time

2 days/        

processing time

 Single Entry  short term/up to 30 days



 Double Entry short term/ up to 30 days



   Multiple Entry short term/up to 30 days



   Transit visa Single Entry



   Transit visa Double Entry



   Transit visa Multiple Entry